Fair Festival Denmark Invites you inside


Come join Fair Festival on March 19th – 21st 2021.

Attend three terrific, eventful and enlightening days at Fair Festival! Where sustainability is the focal points.

  • At Fair Festival we provide you with an overview over which opportunities there is for a green and sustainable consumption, so that you as a consumer can make qualified choices.
  • At Fair Festival you will be able to meet business from all sectors, which all work dedicatedly with sustainability. They are looking forward to telling their stories of how and why they are passionate about the green transition and how they work with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • At Fair Festival you will be able to purchase everything from clothes to home accessories and absolutely delicious food products with a clean conscience. You will also be able to meet pension funds and banks, that invest sustainably.

We have invited some of the nations smartest “green minds”, both the funny and the sober, to come and entertain and educate about climate and the green transition – it will with guarantees not be boring!

Politicians and opinion leaders will be challenged on their knowledge on climate, when we let them bud heads in quizzes – we will of course make sure that moderators ensure good manners and a smile, when the quiz gets going.

Some of Denmark’s best specialists on certifications and production restructuring will attend to inform and give inspiration on how to change your consumer habits for the greener. You will most certainly leave the wiser.

In cooperation with Conscious Fashion Week, we present a blast of a fashion show, with both established and upcoming brands. Environment friendly fashion is no longer just a “Off-White T-shirt with a slogan on the chest” – “Climate Fashion” is everything from classic to street. Here there will also be possible to do clothes-swap with other guests.

If you get tired and need a rest, you will be able to sit down at one of our meeting points and enjoy live music delivered by Spot Festival. And it will not be far from a booth where you can quench your hunger or thirst with climate friendly food and drinks.

Fair Festival is carried by hope and optimism and we believe that together we can make a difference. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Kristine Overgaard Nielsen
CEO and founder of Globe Go Green and Fair Festival.


Karen Blixens Boulevard 7
DK-8220 Brabrand
CVR 40721460