We are Globe Go Green – We organise Fair Festival Denmark

Fair Festival Denmark is a bi-annual festival and fair which focuses on sustainability, sustainable consumption and companies which sell sustainable products and services.

We do this through a range of partnerships, an active awareness campaign focused on sustainable consumption and our Fair Festival, held twice yearly in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Please note that due to COVID-19, Fair Festival has been postponed to March 19th – 21st 2021.

Our partners

Fair Festival Opening Hours (19th-21st March)

Friday between 14:00 and 20:00
Saturday between 10:00 and 19:00
Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00

Program Closed Stage – Godsbanen
Saturday 28/03-2020 Sunday 29/03-2020
12:00 Mikael Jarnvig 12:00 Jesper Theilgaard
14:00 Steen Hildebrandt 14:00 Daniel Rye
16:00 Christine Feldthaus 16:00 Thomas Skov
Program Open Stage – Ridehuset
Friday 27/03-2020 Saturday 28/03-2020
16:00 Signe Wenneberg 11:00 Signe Wenneberg
17:00  Flemming Besenbacher 13:00  Anders Kofoed
Program Open Stage – Aarhus Congress Center
Saturday 28/03-2020 Sunday 29/03-2020
11:00 Camilla Fabricius 12:00 Anne Katrine Blirup
12:00 Mirjam Madsen 14:00 Jes Busk
14:00 Conscious Fashion Show 15:00 – 17:00 Clothes Swap Happening
15:00 Johanne Stenstrup & Tanja Gotthardsen
Read more about Fair Festival, our exhibitors and issues close to our heart.

Discover Fair Festival

Fair Festival invites you inside
Fair Festival invites you inside

Fair Festival Denmark Invites you inside


Come join Fair Festival on March 19th – 21st 2021.

Attend three terrific, eventful and enlightening days at Fair Festival! Where sustainability is the focal points.

  • At Fair Festival we provide you with an overview over which opportunities there is for a green and sustainable consumption, so that you as a consumer can make qualified choices.
  • At Fair Festival you will be able to meet business from all sectors, which all work dedicatedly with sustainability. They are looking forward to telling their stories of how and why they are passionate about the green transition and how they work with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • At Fair Festival you will be able to purchase everything from clothes to home accessories and absolutely delicious food products with a clean conscience. You will also be able to meet pension funds and banks, that invest sustainably.

We have invited some of the nations smartest “green minds”, both the funny and the sober, to come and entertain and educate about climate and the green transition – it will with guarantees not be boring!

Politicians and opinion leaders will be challenged on their knowledge on climate, when we let them bud heads in quizzes – we will of course make sure that moderators ensure good manners and a smile, when the quiz gets going.

Some of Denmark’s best specialists on certifications and production restructuring will attend to inform and give inspiration on how to change your consumer habits for the greener. You will most certainly leave the wiser.

In cooperation with Conscious Fashion Week, we present a blast of a fashion show, with both established and upcoming brands. Environment friendly fashion is no longer just a “Off-White T-shirt with a slogan on the chest” – “Climate Fashion” is everything from classic to street. Here there will also be possible to do clothes-swap with other guests.

If you get tired and need a rest, you will be able to sit down at one of our meeting points and enjoy live music delivered by Spot Festival. And it will not be far from a booth where you can quench your hunger or thirst with climate friendly food and drinks.

Fair Festival is carried by hope and optimism and we believe that together we can make a difference. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Kristine Overgaard Nielsen
CEO and founder of Globe Go Green and Fair Festival.

Fair Festival News and Blog
Fair Festival News and Blog

Welcome to the Fair Festival News and Blog!

This is where we showcase some of our many wonderful exhibitors as well as highlight some of the environmental and climate-related issues that keep us occupied.

Unfortunately for you, dear English-speaking reader, most of our blog posts are in Danish. Feel free to head over to the Danish site and auto-translate the posts you find there.

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We support humanitarian and environmental NGOs

GLOBE GO GREEN donates half of the profit from ticket sales to environmental NGOs and aid organisations that do work based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We help locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2020 we wish to support:

  • The Danish Refugee Council
  • SOS Children’s Villages Denmark
  • Word Wildlife Fund
  • Zonta Aarhus
  • Soroptimist International Danmark
  • Tænketanken Frej (thinktank for agriculture and food)

Danish Refugee Council

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provides a plan for sustainable development both economically, environmentally and not the least socially. Refugees and the displaced is today among those, that is furthest behind when it comes to achieving the goals. Climate change can be cause of conflicts that leads to displacement. In the coming year the Danish Refugee Council will focus even more on displacement and conflicts caused by climate changes.

The Danish Refugee Council helps refugees and internally displaced globally. We provide acute aid, fight for their rights and strengthen their future possibilities. Our 7000 dedicated employees in the hot spots of the world and 8000 volunteers in Denmark work every day to find long term and sustainable solutions for refugees and displaced people.


Dansk Flygtningehjælp_EN

SOS Children’s Villages

All children deserve and needs a caring family and a safe childhood to thrive and develop, but around the world 200 million children are right now growing up without a loving family or in an exposed situation where they are in danger of loosing the care of their father and mother. That amounts to 1 in 1o children in need of help. SOS Children’s Villages help some of the worlds most exposed children and provides them with a safe and loving upbringing in a SOS-family.

SOS Children’s Villages core work for children is specifically targeted towards five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals which are; 1. End poverty, 4. Quality education, 8. Decent work for all and economic growth, 10. Reduce inequality and 16. Peace and justice. At SOS Children’s Villages we fight for those goals, that have a positive influence on exposed children and youth.


SOS Børnebyerne_EN

Home-Start – supported by ZONTA

HOME-START is an organisation, where volunteers offer support, friendship and practical help to families with children beneath school age. The organisation is independent from religious, political and economic interests. The goal is to prevent crises and collapse in families with small children. New family and societal patterns creates a need in families for support and new contacts. Families is broken up, generations live far apart and residential areas wither socially. A family friend can provide room and build bridges to new networks. Many functioning families still need help from time to time to make daily life cohesive and to prevent and solve problems in time. The opportunity to get that help is found in the shape of a voluntary family friend. HOME-START is for all families with at least one child under the age of 7. The help is free and confidential.




The Soroptimists in Aarhus

The woman sitting in the front of the picture above got a slightly easier life when a new well was inaugurated in Nagrin, which is near the capital of Burkina Faso. The well was a gift from the Soroptimists in Aarhus, and for the woman and her neighbors, the new well meant both pure drinking water and that they no longer had to go so far for water. The Soroptimists in Aarhus have been helping women and children both locally and abroad for 82 years. There are 55 soroptimist clubs in Denmark, and around 75,000 women join the network worldwide. One current project that the soroptimists are supporting right now is teenage mothers in Romania.


The Soroptimits in Aarhus

Certifications and criteria

We follow the Gro Harlem Brundtland report in defining sustainable development as:


To become an exhibitor at Fair Festival you must have a clear goal of producing and providing services as sustainably as possible. It is important that this is part of the business’ DNA and that the compnany continuously work towards developing and optimising, so that your work becomes as sustainable as possible as quickly possible.

We appreciate certifications and on this site we will regularly inform and educate about the certifications that exist and how they help to create better working conditions, help the environment and alleviate climate change.

Certifications are not an absolute must to become an exhibitor. Certifications are expensive and for small businesses it can be impossible to find financial leeway to acquire them. However, if the business can account for their supply chain and how the business work with sustainability, they can qualify as exhibitor.

We believe that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are a very helpful tool, and we would like businesses to show how they work with the goals and through this how they help further the goals.

In general exhibitors must show that they take responsibility for the sustainability of their products or services, so that people, animals and soil are not exploited.

Below we have outlined some of the relevant certifications, as well as how they certify that businesses work as sustainably as possible and do as little harm to climate, environment and people as possible. We are not ourselves certified, but one of our business objectives is to create greater transparency about what these logos stand for. What do they mean? And how do you use them? We encourage you to check them out to get an idea of what is best for you and the globe we inhabit.

Green Key ®

Green Key is an independent labelling system for hotels, conference center and restaurants that makes it easier for you to take care of the environment without compromising on your experience or comfort. The Foundation for Environmental Education FFE that also administrate labelling systems like the Blue Flag is responsible for the international cooperation.

Read more here.

Green Key ®_EN


The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) is a global federation of national standardisation bodies (ISO member bodies) that cooperate with The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in relation to electric standardisations. The ISO 14040 series seeks to standardise and map out the live-circle accesment (LCA) of electronics.

Read more here.



GOTS is an abbreviation of Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is the most commonly used certification within organic textiles produced by natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk. GOTS helps ensure proper working conditions for those producing the textiles. GOTS undertakes regular control at the producers that are certified, to make sure they live up to the established criteria.

Read more here.


Energy Star ®

ENERGY STAR® is the publicly supported symbol for energy efficiency that provides a simple, trustworthy and impartial overview for consumers, that wish to make well founded decisions. ENERGY STAR® cooperate among others with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on deliver cost reducing, energy efficient solutions that improve the quality of air and protect the climate.

Read more here.

Energy Star ®_EN



Demeter ®

Demeter is the international control labels for biodynamic products, both food products, skin care, textiles and other products that are signed up for the voluntarily Demeter certification. The labels are used on several types of products, but cover the same set of criteria. The control include cultivation, processing and labelling. The biodynamic Demeter rules reflect the holistic view on health and live force in soil, food and people that organic agriculture is based upon.

Read more here.

Demeter ®_EN

Ø-Label ®

The Ø-Label with the text “Statskontrolleret økologisk” can voluntarily be added to organic food products and certain non-food products (fx. organic dog and cat food), when they are prepared under organic control in Denmark. The label can be added to international organic food products. Although this always have to be done under the control of authorities in Denmark, since they do not conduct control in other contries.

Read more here.

Ø-Mærket ®_EN

EU Organic ®

When food products are labeled with the EU’s organic logo, it shows that the goods are organic, produced and controlled according to the guidelines of the EU’s organic regulations. Which makes it easier for the consumer to identify organic products and help farmers market the products in all EU member states.

Read more here.

EU Økologi ®_EN

Green Seal ®

Green Seal is an independent non-profit organisation founded in 1989. Green Seal certify thousands of products and services within the hotel and restaurant sector, that live up to scientifically founded environmental standarts, that are trustworthy and transparent. Green Seal employ a circular approach to secure concrete environmental footprint reductions. Products only get a Green Seal certificate after rigorous evaluation, including on site control.

Read more here.

Green Seal ®_EN

EPD Denmark ®

EPD Denmark publish verified environmental product decelerations for construction products in relation to the European standard EN 15804 and works towards a European harmonisation of verifiable documentation of the environmental properties of construction products.

Read more here.

EPD Danmark ®_EN


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global non-profit organisation that works towards spreading responsible forestry globally. FSC develop standards based on recognised principals for responsible forestry, that are support by environmental, social and economic interests. When you choose FSC-certified products you help protect the worlds forests and the people and animals that inhabit them.

Read more here.



GLOBE GO GREEN consist of a small group of people who want to DO MORE, BETTER.

We are consumers like everybody else and have no grounds to preach or “point fingers”.

We are driven by the belief that EVERYBODY CAN DO A LITTLE and that together we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Taking as a starting point our own incomplete knowledge and journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we wish to create a forum where we gather businesses that work specifically with sustainability. We want to give our visitors NEW INSIGHTS and a BETTER OVERVIEW of what it means to consume sustainably, enabling all of us to make conscious and qualified choices.

 “We do not need a handful of people that do everything right. We need millions of people that do something right.

Mikkel Torp_EN

Responsible for sales and event planning for Globe Go Green A/S. Part of the daily team.

Helle Tølbøl_EN

Responsible for sales and communication for Globe Go Green A/S. Part of the daily team.

Kristine Overgaard Nielsen_EN

CEO, founder and partner of Globe Go Green A/S. Kristine works dedicated to make Fair Festival a success and hopes to change just a little of our consumer habits.

Claus Rasmussen_EN

Member of the board of Globe Go Green A/S. Founder of Lime ApS. Founder and partner of Superstainable. Expert in certifications and sustainable production. Claus is dedicated to his work, is a team player, an excellent lecturer and always have a witty comment.

Per Niebuhr_EN

Chairman of the Board of Globe Go Green A/S. Owner of Kontorforsyningen Lynge Papir and Kontor A/S Silkeborg and vice president of Office Supplies Denmark. Per loves being busy and therefore puts many tasks on his shoulders.

Lena Trend Hansen_EN

Board member of Globe Go Green A/S. Primary share holder and Chief Production Officer in Coze A/S Aarhus. Product geek, ethical investor and feminist. Lena is dedicated to her work on restructuring the brands ECHTE and LauRie towards a more sustainable production.

Marianne Hartvigsen_EN

Vice president of Globe Go Green A/S. Founder and partner of HART & HOLM. Active in multiple volunteer organisations, that work with the UN's SDG's. Marianne is the type of person that never says no and is therefore always busy, but always with a smile on her face.

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